Fresno Barrios Unidos


KISS (Keeping It Safe Sexually) brought inclusive, comprehensive, medically accurate information on sexual and reproductive health to Fresno State students through messengers they know and trust: their peers.  

“This program has greatly helped me step out of my comfort zone and meet amazing peers. So far I have learned about sexual health and prevention methods. It has also helped me obtain a better understanding on how to help those that need it whether that be obtaining resources or more information about things such as the human body, birth control, and so forth.”


Our Peer Health Educators were trained in sexual and reproductive health, presentation skills, and outreach methods to become effective trainers, speakers and leaders.

El Joven Noble

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Rites of passage are a foundation of indigenous culture. Through El Joven Noble, young men ages 10-24 in Fresno connected with a community of peers to re-root themselves in their history and culture. We used traditional healing practices to cultivate self-awareness and help men navigate and own their feelings.

El Joven Noble changed me in a good way. It helped me feel like I can trust people with my thoughts and feelings, and it makes me express my feelings. That’s something I really needed.Mario

Men With Heart

Men with Heart brought male-identified and gender non-confirming youth together for learning and action. We met regularly to learn together and use our voices and collective power to make positive change.


Learn. Heal. Grow.

Xinachtli was a program serving women or gender-expansive persons ages 12-24. 

Xinachtli which translates to “Germinating Seed” was a 10 week program. This culturally enriched rites of passage curriculum helped foster powerful youth and community leaders . Xinachtli provided a space for youth to heal within community, discover their gifts, explore their history, and develop resilience.

Womxn Empowered

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Fresno Barrios for LCF Accelerator June 24, 2019.

When you have a community to support you on your path, it is easier to continue your healing journey. 

Womxn Empowered was a beloved, inclusive community for young women and gender expansive youth ages 12-24 in Fresno. We used traditional healing practices and cultural teachings to help young women tap into their identities and own their power to grow into powerful, strategic leaders.