Fresno Barrios Unidos

Our organization is filled with powerful, vibrant, dedicated leaders. We provide our staff with health coverage, paid sick and vacation time, 14 observed holidays, no cost mental health supplement, and more!

We are looking for leaders from the Fresno community and beyond who will contribute to a culture that is youth centered and rooted in inclusivity, respect and appreciation for the people and families we serve.

When I accepted the offer to work at Fresno Barrios Unidos, I thought I was simply saying yes to a job, nothing more. I was astonished to find that Fresno Barrios Unidos has become much more than just a workplace. Fresno Barrios Unidos has become a loving community, a place of respite, and a space of immense healing from all the trauma I incurred from perpetual marginalization. Fresno Barrios Unidos is a place where I finally feel where I belong.

Thien Dang, Health Educator