Fresno Barrios Unidos

At Fresno Barrios Unidos, all young people and their families belong

Our Work

Fresno Barrios Unidos provides unconditional support, love and guidance for youth, young adults and their families in Fresno. Our community, like California, is changing fast, and we believe our youth must be at the forefront of creating the world of their dreams. We meet people where they are and follow their lead to help them be healthy, hopeful and engaged in creating communities that foster our individual and collective wellbeing.

We Focus On

  • Transforming trauma by nurturing community
  • Organizing and advocacy centering the voices and leadership of those most impacted
  • Healing and Culture for strength and resiliency
  • Cultivating collective power to drive change

At Fresno Barrios Unidos, all young people and their families belong. Youth often come to us initially with concerns about their health, questions about their rights, curiosity about birth control, or support around relationships. They stay because they find a place that believes in them and offers them a chance to create the changes they want in their neighborhoods, schools and communities.

โ€œFresno Barrios Unidos has empowered me with the tools and experience needed to not only get a jumpstart into being civically engaged but also are people who want to support me in that process as well.โ€