Fresno Barrios Unidos

Healthy people create healthy relationships which, in turn, create healthy communities. At Fresno Barrios Unidos, we help youth reclaim agency over their bodies and their health. Our Health Education programs foster consent culture among the young people of Fresno and give young people the confidence and self-love they need to make informed decisions about their bodies and their health.

Brown Boy Love

Utilizing the Get Your Life curriculum, Brown Boy Love serves to educate and empower young queer men around relationships, HIV prevention, and health advocacy. Since 2020.

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Comprehensive & Inclusive School-based Sexual Health

From 2016 to 2022 Fresno Barrios Unidos provided comprehensive sex education to middle and high school students across Fresno Unified. We are now currently providing sex ed to Golden Plains Unified and are open to providing our services to other districts within Fresno County.

Health Education That Centers LGBTQ+ Communities

Fresno Barrios’ health education will center youth and our LGBTQ+ community. In order for Health Education to be of service to our communities it is important that it is more than just accessible. There must be Health Education opportunities that are created specifically to support and empower our youth and LGBTQ+ communities.

Safety First

Utilizing the nation’s first harm reduction drug education for teens, Safety First is a program discussing the effects of drug, ways to reduce harm from drug use, and drug policy.

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