Fresno Barrios Unidos

Young parents want the best for their children- great schools, good health, and a hopeful future. Our parent programs respect the inherent power and strength of young parents while giving them the skills and support to be effective parents, positive advocates for their children, and powerful community leaders.

Rooted In Resilience

Rooted In Resilience is designed to address generational poverty and generational trauma by cultivating thriving families through; healing, health maintenance, community engagements, cultivating financial wellness, self-sufficiency, educational and vocational goal setting and achievement, and strengthening the skills to support their child’s positive development.

Through the combined approach of one-on-one guidance, educational, informational teachings, and healing circles, Fresno Barrios Unidos hopes to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increased sense of belonging, understanding, love and safety
  • Thrive in advocating for identified issues affecting young parents and their children
  • Increase the probability of young parents graduating high school and pursue post-secondary education and / or career plans
  • Improve knowledge of positive parenting skills
  • Cultivating financial wellness
  • Learned helplessness to self-efficacy
  • Develop and maintain healthy intimate and platonic relationships and boundaries
  • Having an investment in self and self determination
  • Ability to break generational trauma
  • Career readiness

“Becoming a member of Rooted In Resilience has really changed my life by having people like my coach, Evelyn to be by my side. She will always be my comfort zone – I know I am not alone and I know that I will not be judged. I love coming to my coaching sessions because Evelyn is all ears when it comes to me. It is not just her. All the advocates at Fresno Barrios Unidos will always be here for us teen moms and I am happy that I have them.”


Parent Support and Mentoring Groups

Because of challenges like stigma and systemic barriers, being a young parent can be difficult. Fresno Barrios Unidos offers young parents opportunities to grow the skills they need to navigate parenthood, infuse their family with harmony and culture, and support their children to be resilient and whole. Our parent programs are rooted in a La Cultura Cura model that recognizes the unique gifts of healing and rootedness we can learn from our ancestors and cultures.

Our Cara y Corazon (Face & Heart) family support group helps young parents ages 14-24 with children 0-5 old strengthen their parenting skills and flex their leadership. The program meets once a week for 9 weeks at a time.

Just a few of the topics we cover:

  • Expressing your strengths
  • Breaking cycles
  • Healthy relationships
  • Child Development
  • Positive discipline
  • Palabra- How to be a person of your word
  • Goal setting

After the 9 sessions, each member receives a certificate of completion for this Parent Support Group and are invited to join our monthly Parent Circulo, a ceremony for reflection and healing.

If you’re interested in joining the parent support group, contact: Angelica at

In addition to the parent support group, Fresno Barrios Unidos connects young families to other young parents who have shared experiences. Parent Mentoring fosters connection, stability, and indigenous family values by giving young parents people who they can rely on and learn from.