Fresno Barrios Unidos

Healthy people create healthy relationships which, in turn, create healthy communities. At Fresno Barrios Unidos, we help youth reclaim agency over their bodies and their health. Our Health Education programs foster consent culture among the young people of Fresno and give young people the confidence and self-love they need to make informed decisions about their bodies and their health.

Comprehensive & Inclusive School-based Sexual Health

In collaboration with Fresno Unified School District, Fresno Barrios Unidos teaches comprehensive sex education to middle and high schol students across the District. Each year we provide more than 12,000 young people with knowledge they need to be safe and healthy in their relationships.

KISS (Keeping it Sexually Safer)

KISS (Keeping It Safe Sexually) brings inclusive, comprehensive, medically accurate information on sexual and reproductive health to Fresno State students through messengers they know and trust: their peers.  

“This program has greatly helped me step out of my comfort zone and meet amazing peers. So far I have learned about sexual health and prevention methods. It has also helped me obtain a better understanding on how to help those that need it whether that be obtaining resources or more information about things such as the human body, birth control, and so forth.”


Our Peer Health Educators are trained in sexual and reproductive health, presentation skills, and outreach methods as we give them opportunities to become effective trainers, speakers and leaders.

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Get Your Life

In partnership with Advocates for Youth, Fresno Barrios Unidos hosts the Get Your Life empowerment program for young men of color who are attracted to young men. Through weekend workshops and 7 week series, Get Your Life helps young men develop a positive identity, step into their power, and own their health. Participants learn about HIV prevention, develop positive and healthy relationships, and access PREP. 

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