Generational Healing

Welcome to The Healing Generations Program, an extraordinary initiative that stands at the forefront of transformative healing and collective well-being.

Join us in this transformative movement. Take a step towards personal growth, community empowerment, and generational healing. Your involvement in The Healing Generations Program is not just an investment in your well-being; it’s a contribution to a lasting legacy characterized by unity and strength.

a guiding light, to breaking the chains of past wounds

Historical traumas, deeply etched into the fabric of our communities, impact individuals on profound levels—mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The Healing Generations Program recognizes this universal concern that transcends cultural boundaries. It is not merely about addressing the wounds of the past; it’s about creating a foundation for a healthier and more harmonious future.

As we navigate the complexities of our modern world, the importance of this program becomes apparent. Historical traumas cast enduring ripples that hinder personal growth, community cohesion, and the collective ability to thrive. The Healing Generations Program is a dedicated response to disrupt this detrimental cycle, emphasizing the critical significance of healing for both individual well-being and the prosperity of entire communities.

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Our Mission

East Side Market exists to transform communities by addressing the critical need for systematic, hands-on entrepreneur and skill-teaching events in Fresno. Our mission is to create vibrant hubs of economic growth, social connection, and personal development. We strive to empower aspiring entrepreneurs, especially youth and those with fewer resources, providing them with opportunities to practice, learn, and succeed in a safe and supportive environment.