Fresno Barrios Unidos

Racially discriminatory economic and political structures continue to implement barriers to food access. Those living in food apartheids have a higher chance of having chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity. Fresno Barrios Unidos believes affected communities should have a say in how their food is grown as well as a right to fresh and affordable healthy food (food sovereignty). Food is medicine and our communities deserve to live healthy lives.

Feeding the People

Working alongside Growing the Table Fresno Barrios Unidos works to distribute locally grown, culturally relevant produce to under-resourced communities. We also support the community in finding ways to reconnect and change their relationship with food. We also foster youth leadership and hands-on development via:

  • Working alongside Fresno Community Gardens to increase knowledge of horticulture best practices.
  • Planting and harvesting healthy produce.
  • Sharing resources and labor to alleviate the stress of food apartheid.

Fresno Barrios Fitness Club

Fresno Barrios Unidos, working alongside local businesses, provides youth interested in movement & exercise for health and wellness an opportunity to be active. Youth are given the opportunity and space to learn how to workout properly as well as a chance to reconnect with nature on hikes. The Fitness Club is about surrounding youth with positive and encouraging fitness support.

Community Care Circles

Medicine for our communities can’t ignore the therapeutic effect being in community with one another can have. Fresno Barrios Unidos provides space for just that via regular healing circles. Emotional support, interpersonal connection and fellowship are all incredibly important for out communities and our Care Circles help provide that.

Questions about our Food Sovereignty and Medicine work?

Alex Zubia, Food Sovereignty and Medicine coordinator at