Fresno Barrios Unidos

Dear Friend,

We are grateful to you – the community, individuals, large and small donors, and young people who have had our back all year long through some of the most challenging moments of many of our lives. We have cried together, nurtured each other, allowed for rest and self care, and poured into our youth and community to dig deeper and demand more of the folks who represent us, allocate our tax dollars, and are responsible for the lack of response to the global pandemic here in Fresno County. 

Barrios staff transitioned all our youth programming to virtual learning and healing spaces, we have taught 199 sexual and reproductive health courses for Fresno Unified, we marched in the streets for Black Lives, we demanded and participated in the Commission on Police Reform and launched the People’s Commission Report, which includes Barrios youth demands, our young people led the fight to remove SRO’s (School Resource Officer aka Police) off campus, we demanded Fresno County Board of Supervisors #CareForUs and prioritize the health of our essential workers, we honored the lives lost by our youth and their family members, we called over 3,200 registered voters for get out the vote, we supported two young parents get placed on the California School-Based Health Alliance Board, we saw the passage of Measure P after two years since our efforts to guarantee park access for all, and we were honored as Nonprofit of the Year for Assembly District 31 by Assemblymember Joaquin Arambula. 

And that’s just the highlights.

We have rested, we have healed, we have fought, and we have won. We are working with our youth on a weekly basis to ensure they have the emotional wellness to thrive during a pandemic, and support their technical needs to stay focused in school. The moments between the wins and fights are the moments we are healing our hood and building a vision of youth power and transformative justice. 

The vision that we have for Barrios is a future that recommits to transformative healing so that our communities can recover from trauma, step into their power in healthier ways, and strive for systems change to create a just and equitable environment for all. We can achieve this with your support. Our youth, our staff, and our community deserves radical healing, radical love, and radical investment. We deserve this future, and you are part of this future. 

Please help us grow deeper in our commitment to that vision in 2021. Please show up with your wallet for our Fresno, our youth, our hood.

Thank you, endlessly, for everything.

Ashley Rojas
Executive Director
Fresno Barrios Unidos