Community Healing Circles

Do you feel unconnected to the world around, the people and space that you cohabit in?

Until the Movements of the 60s and 70s, it was entirely sociable to segregate and oppress people of color, who were rendered into an ahistorical existence. It was only through great struggle that these things were rectified but as the leaders and participants of these movements grew and matured they found that while material and intellectual conditions of the people had improved, there was still a great amount of cultural, emotional, and spiritual healing that still needed to occur for and within the community- especially among themselves.

we heal one another while healing ourselves

These Circulos are culturally based, bringing a connection beyond the present moment to the past as well as the future, serving to ground the community mindset. Our Circulo process is based in La Cultura Cura modality developed by the National Compadres Network and the Brotherhood of Elders as well as incorporating multicultural aspects that come from the diversity of backgrounds present in our community.

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Our Mission

The foundational aspect of Circulo is Space. Without space Circulo cannot serve its function to the community. This space must be consistent and conductive to the collective sharing and speaking in order for the community to know that it is available to them. The space must be one that the community has trust in and feels comfortable expressing and being in.