Fresno Barrios Unidos

Brown Boy Love Program Coordinator

I’m a program coordinator for the Brown Boy Love program. I love to do outreach and connect with the community. You may see me out in the Tower District doing condom distribution and outreach so feel free to say hi or ask about any of the resources Barrios offers. I work in the sexual health education department but specifically I work with Latinx gay, bi, trans men. I facilitate and coordinate the program with an emphasis on education and empowerment. Growing up living in rural west Fresno County I didn’t get to see places that were inclusive and safe for all people. For that reason, I’ve been doing advocacy work within the community. The work that I do focuses on reproductive & gender affirming healthcare access as well as homelessness affecting people of color and queer & trans communities within the Central Valley. I started out in advocacy work from my own lived experience fighting against oppressive systems so I love being able to connect others in exploring their own power.

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