About Us

30+ Years of Community Work

Our Goal: A Thriving Fresno that Puts People First

Fresno Barrios Unidos emerged out of a community response to recognize the leadership of young people impacted by gangs in developing more positive solutions for their lives and the community. Since then, everything we do is because of our love and belief in the young people of Fresno.

Our neighborhood has been historically and systemically marginalized creating conditions that lead to food deserts, generational poverty, over-policing, and our schools don’t feel safe or inclusive to many students. But the young people who live here are resilient, resourceful and filled with passion. Our work is rooted in inclusivity, respect and appreciation for them as we’ve followed their lead for more than two decades taking on campaigns ranging from access to comprehensive sex education to student voice on city and county issues.

Fresno Barrios Unidos is a powerful, community-driven force for change in our city, region and state. Since our founding in 1994 we:

  • Led a movement for reproductive freedom in the Central Valley leading to a decline in unintended teen pregnancies and comprehensive sex education in California
  • Worked with Fresno City Council to make local schools sanctuary sites
  • Provide 12,000 middle and high school students with peer-led sex education each year
  • Uplift 90 young families a year with mentorship, parent education, case management, and healing opportunities
  • Preserved the local Indigent Medical Care program for homeless and undocumented residents and families.
  • Organized community to engage in the selection of our city’s Police Chief to ensure youth voice and experience with law enforcement was centered.
  • Linked hundreds of Fresno boys and men of color to supportive networks that foster healing and healthy identity development
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